Thursday, 5 January 2012

LUSH Reveiw:Lip Scrub&Snow Fairy

Heey Everyone!!

How is everyone? I have am so excited to tell you guys about my new LUSH products I've bought recently or got over Christmas - Bubblegum Lip Scrub and Snow Fairy Shower Gel for Body and Hair.

Lip Scrub in Bubblegum:
This Lip Scrub is amazing firstly the smell is super sweet and tasty plus it's bright pink which doesn't only go with my room but is in fact my favourite colour!Jade Fact!
I actually love putting this on my lips because I can feel it rejuvenating them by scratching off the dead skin cells making them soft to touch and keeps them in general good condition.
Personally I like to use this maybe four times a week during night time time then top it with any good lip conditioning balm I'm using the Bodyshop's Satsuma Lip Balm, though it's design purpose is to use as a base before applying your lipstick which I certainly can see the logic but I think that would be too harsh on my lips I'm happy with using it the way I am.
Overall a beautiful product worth buying even though it's a bit pricey at £4.95 but so worth it speciously during the winter times even though they're over now still get it!Plus the packaging is super cute:)

Shower Gel in Snow Fairy (Christmas Collection)
Before I start I should mention Snow Fairy isn't available during the year because it is a Christmas only product but hopefully it will be back this year because I do love this product - really the only shower gel I will justify spending a large amount of money on in Lush to be honest.
Right! The smell is like candy again it's pink which is a huge bonus for me and most girls I'm sure.
The interesting aspect about this product is you can use this also on your hair and it smells like Snow Fairy all day an has very small, very slight shimmers in it but not too much that you can't wear it on a normal working day which I do really love.
Again quite pricey but so are all other shower gels, I have a travel sized one and I bigger one so I am sorted for holidays and throughout the year because trust me this is my go to hair product (my Soap&Glory Clean On Me Shower Cream is my go to shower gel at the moment - you can see a review earlier this month)
Posted by yours truly Jade!
Expect some more Lush Reviews because I got quite a bit:')


  1. I really want to try out Lush's lip scrubs! :) Great post!

  2. I really like the Snow Fairy shower gels! :D Unfortunately the lip scrub dries out really fast when I had it :S.

  3. nice review!!!! saw that lip scrub in the store and i love how it smells...^^

  4. i am so tempted to pick up one of those lipscrubs:')xx

  5. I absolutely love both products! I use the lip scrub every day :)

    Hannah xx

  6. I do love Lush lip scrubs, but I actually don't like the smell of snowfairy.

  7. If you add oil into the pot of lipscrub it will freshen it up and not be try I've heard;)