Friday, 6 January 2012

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush VS Revlon Cream blush

Hey Everybody :)
Cream blushes are my favourite type of blushes, they usually stay on all day and can give a nice dewy look, which do you guys prefer, cream or powder? :)
I wanted to review a couple of the cream blushes I have tried so I thought that I would compare them.

First we have Maybelline Dream Touch Blush:
Alot of you will have seen this blush before as it is one of the most raved about cream blushes, and there is a reason it has been talked about so much and it's because it is soo GORGEOUS! The texture is so smooth and soft! It blends in perfectly, this colour is in Peach, which I think is a great natural colour for school and everyday use. The packaging is quite bulky and heavy (sorry the picture doesn't really show this) so it's not the easiest thing to carry around in your make-up bag, but to be honest that is the only down side. It is £6.99 in the UK and I know it's available in America and all around the world. :) (swatches are below)

 Next we have the Revlon Cream Blush:
Firstly I want to say, I think there is a bit too much excess packaging around the actual blush, but this is because there is a mirror underneath (if you can see the button you just click that and a mirror pops out, so cool i know! :D) I actually think this feature is very useful if you don't have one on you! This colour is in Blushing Mauve which I love because of the deep berry colour it is. Luckily it blends out nicely so the colour is not too harsh, however I don't think it blends as well as the Maybelline Blush. It is a bit more expensive at £9.99 but I think it is worth giving a go!

Swatches of both (Revlon on left, Maybelline on right)
Btw do you guys have any cream blush recommendations? I would love to try something new? ;)
Plus tell me which one you prefer or which one you love :)

Thanks for reading!
Love from Gabby xXx


  1. Great post I like powder blushers more,lovely blog am following

  2. Thank you so much! We will follow back! :)

  3. hey,
    I love cream blush. But sadly we have no Revlon where I live :(
    I really love this post and your blog! I am following :)