Monday, 9 January 2012

Outfit Of The Day 08.01.2012

Hey Everyone!
Hope you've had a good weekend<3
Me and Jade were out and she had a great outfit on so we decided to take some pictures and share with you guys! Hope you like her outfit. Please comment if you do! :) and linked underneath each one is the haul it was bought in or Christmas/ birthday haul.
(and if you see chickens in the background thats because I have a lot of free range chickens, and I love them)  :') and sorry it's such a bleak horrible day!

Green quilted coat- New Look
Bergandy vest top (underneath)- Primark
(sorry I don't think this was put in a haul)
Lace Top- West Coast

Camel coloured jeans- New Look

White loop scarf- Primark

Military Boots- Jonathan James

Ring- Republic

Thanks for reading <3
Love Jadey and Gabby X


  1. Love e purple top&ring!

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  2. I really like your blog! If you follow mine I'll follow yours:)