Sunday, 26 February 2012

Outfit Of The Day 26.02.2012

Hey Everyone!
I purchased these awesome leggings in The Birmingham me a Jade did a while back and I wanted to show you how I have styled them in an OOTD! :)
Hope you enjoy x
Black coat- Republic
Without the coat..

Vest top- Internationale

Tie dye leggings- New Look

Boots- BULLET at Jeff Bains

Heart Necklace- Pilgrim

Bracelet- Fake Lynx of London

Tell me if you liked it down below!
Tie dye is getting really into fashion, and I'm lovin it!;)
Love from Gabby and Jade!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Soap&Glory:Clean On Me Review

Heey Everyone!!
These past two months I have been trying this combination of Soap&Glory's Collection. I've been using Clean On Me (Shower Gel) and Face Soap (Face Wash) and I have been loving the results, so I figured I'd do a review for you guys:)

Clean On Me:Shower Gel/Cream

Firstly I do love the packaging, Soap &Glory the brand always takes you back to an 80's feel and the colours they choose (pink and cream) is subtle but effective and recognisable. Now I've been using this product religiously throughout the January and February times because it's fantastic!

I do not use a huge amount of this product for my body because it lathers up so nicely on the loafer I use. It smells fantastic just a simple clean scent with extracts of mandarin is used to describe the smell I don't really know much about describing scents whatever it is, it works!

I love the deign of the bottle, the pump gives you the perfect amount of product you need and the big bottle makes your shower look full also because you get 500ml if soap it justifies me spending the high price.

I know this is gross to talk about but the point of any shower gel is to keep yourself clean. Clean On me and my deodorant combo keeps me smelling fresh and clean all day even after a workout I smell better than what I would without using this.

Doing a review of the second product of the month Face Soap soon!

I really do recommend this brand I need to try out some of their make-up now!

Posted by Jade xx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Mud Pack - Face mask review

Heyy Everybody!:)
Hope your having a good day, I wanted to review a product which has been on the market a while, but it is the face masks from Montagne Jeunesse, which usually only cost £1.00, but they may be moer depending on where you buy them.
So on the back it says "We've harvested ultra deep cleansing Dead Sea Mud to draw out impurities and open blocked pores to leave skin feeling cleansed and soft" and it also says that it works to fight stress.
I can tell you now that this mask is great, it left my skin feeling clean, brighter looking and much softer, I even skipped on moisturiser at night!
If I was to critersise this product I would say applying it wasn't easy, it was a bit messy and I found I had a lot of product left over, the mask also isn't as bright blue as it is on the front it is more of a baby blue.
The consistancy is quite thick, so when I rub it into my face it is quite hard to spread, however it washes off easily enough, I just rinse my face like I would to wash off any face wash, but a few more times.
I would reccomend this product although it has it's faults, it does what it says on the pack, and I found it quite relaxing, it does harden on your face (like mosr masks do) but some people might not like that, can't blame them tbh it does feel weird! :P
Because these masks aren't very expensive and I think you can get more than one use out of the pack I really want to try more of this brand because I know there is a lot, I have even seen in Morrisons ones for men! ;)
So have you guys tried these, if so what do you think?
And is there anymore you would recormmend? :)!
Thanks for reading!
Love Gabby

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Heey Everyone!!

Well these are the sparkly nails I decided to wear today before going back to school wear beauty gets pushed back to a minimal:( Ahh well I still ave the weekends. So this is a really quick post purely because I have a lot of revising to do for a maths exam I'm doing tomorrow, wish me luck!:)x I'm only joking I'm sure I'll be fine...:)x

As you can see I'm just using BarryM's Cobalt Blue and Blue Glitter, very simple but I nice one to do, please excuse the not very well done nails  too, oh dear!

Posted By Yours Truly, Jade!xx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

LUSH and Jewellery Haul!17.02.12

Heey Everyone!!
Here is just a mini haul for youu guys to feast your eyes upon.
Gabby is blue
Jade is red;)

Black Bird Earings - MUSE - £3
Pearl Two Finger Ring - MUSE - £2

LOL I'll be taking these back!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - LUSH - £2.45

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar (Ltd) - LUSH - £2.45

Love Jade and Gabby!
Expect some reviews too!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Birmingham Haul 15/02/2012

Hey Everyone!
We went shopping in Birmingham recently which was so fun, Birmingham is a great place to shop if you have never been there before, but anyway here are our purchases of the day, hope you enjoy :)!
Gabby- Blue

Boots- Jeff Bains (BULLET)- SALE £5.00

Hoodie- Forever 21- £16.95

Tiedie leggings- New Look- £12.99

Up Close of the awesome patten.

Vest- Internationale- £2.99
I bought this top becasue I thought it would go great with the legginsgs!

Burgandy Shorts - Internationale - £12.99

Grey Tee - Internatinale - £9.99

Black Hat - H&M - £3.00 SALE (Kids)

Coco Lotion - LUSH - £9.99

Dirty Shaving Cream - LUSH - £4.99

Love Gabby and Jade!xx


Clean&Clear Spot Treatment Review

Heey Everyone!!

A bit of a miserable post today because I am not happy. If something really didnt work for me then I wouldn't mention it because it couuld of just been my personal expierience especiously when it comes to skincare but I had to make an exception for this product because I dont think anyone should waste their money on this product, it's the Clean&Clear Spot Treatment.

Now this is supposed to "reduce spots in 4 hours" but I seriously find that that it increases their appearence because my spot will tend to go bright red after using this product which is obviously not what you want and it also stated that you can put it on top of make-up but that left me with make-up patches which isn't a good look.

I am so glad that the packaging said nothing about it being nice smelling because this is a full on alcohol smell no special scents behind thi in your face ALCOHOL smell, then to make matters worse for myself I get spots in the outside of my nostrils if you can understand where that is then you can imagine that that isn't pleasent.

So thats about it i feel like I have to apologise for the non-happy review but I felt I had to explain why you shouldn't buy this, it's crap.

Love Jade!<3xx

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Wash Review

Hey Everyone!
Time for a review!

Firstly this product costs £5.35 normally (correct me if I'm wrong :)) but I managed to get it in clearance for only £1.00 at Superdrug!
So as you can see it is a pump bottle which I really like, one pump is a bit too much for me though. I have used this only a few times and haven't noticed anything special to my skin in the morning, but I do feel it brightens it up a bit, and I wake up with my skin  feeling fresher than if I hadn't used it.

The consistency is quite runny, as you can see and it doesn't actually have a very pleasant smell to it, I have never tried any Clearasil products before so I'm not sure if that is just the brand smell.
I wouldn't have bought this product full price however I am glad I got it in clearance, because it is defiantly worth £1.00!
Thanks for reading, if you've tried this tell me what you think of it below or if you have any great face cleanser recommendation, please tell me below!

Love Gabby! xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

OOTD: 13.02.12

Heey Everyone!!

Youu having a slouchy day or popping out to the shops?Here is just a perfect, simple outift to suit any casual occasion.

What we like about this outfit is that it's trendy and the block colours stand out nicely but it's all about putting your comfort first ehh.

New Look:Burgandy Jumper about £25

Muse:Flower Necklace

Primark:Suade Leggings - £6
Primark:Burgandy Socks - £2

Muse: Owl ring about £2

Hope youu liked the post!
Love Jade and Gabby!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hair of the night + How to do a fishtail plait

Hey Everyone!
I'm sure you have all seen this braid before, and you either love it or hate it, I love it! And wore it last night, I think it's really fun, but it is quite hard to do, but if you've never tried before here is some step by step instructions on how to do it! :)
1. Brush your hair through to make sure you don't have any tangles, its a lot easier to do this look if your hair is nice and smooth.

2. Divide your hair into two large sections, if you are doing two fish tail plaits, then obviously you do the same, I actually find having two is easier because you are working with less hair but obviously above I did a side fishtail plait.

3. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the first section. Pull this strand over the first section, and add it under the second section on the other side. In other words, the strand of hair has gone over the first section and finishes under the second section.
The skinnier the strand you use, the more intricate the braid will look; it takes more effort but it looks the most effective. In general, try to use the same thickness for each strand throughout or your braid will look uneven. For a beginner, pulling it tighter helps you to learn the method properly.
It can be as neat or as messy as you would like depending on the occasion.

4. Do the same for the other side. Pull a skinny strand of hair out from the outside of the second section and over this section, then weave it under the first section. Make it as loose or as tight as you want it to be, remembering that the tighter method is easier for beginners.

5.Keep repeating these steps until you are at the end of the hairs length.Then add a hair bobble and any grips if you need.

Do you guys like the fishtail plait?
Tell us if you do!

Love Gabby!! xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Heey everyone!!
Here is a quick review on the Batiste Dry Shampoo.

You can get these in most drugstores but I got this one from Boots but as far as i know there is a half price sale on in Superdrug for them which is where I got another just with a different scent, which is better than this one it's the Sweet & Spirited Boho fragrance.

They come in 5 different scents - Original, Brit, Tropical, Blush and Diva as far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong and these all retail around £3 each.

These are an amazing product, you might know I had the Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo and that is nothing compared to this beauty, plus it's a quite a bit cheaper!

when you put it on your hair it instantly adds volume to your hair and obviously does the job it's supposed to do which clears up as much oil as possible from your hair, ohhh but it does it ever so perfectly.

the only downside to this product, at least the tropical one anyway it does leave a bit of a grey tinge to it which I don't enjoy but I know they do one specially for brunettes which I am so I'll be trying that one out next, maybe it works well for blonds, but even so I think that is totally fine:)

Love Jadee!
I hope youu liked the post and remember SALE on at Superdrug my darlings, get yourself up there!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Outfit Of The Evening 10/10/2012

Hey Everybody!
Hope your Monday hasn't been too bad, we have had the most amazing snow! But it has been super cold, so this is what I'm wearing tonight to keep me from the chills ;)
Knitted Jumper- Bershka

Navy Jeans- Gap

Wrist Wrap- Topshop
Watch- Accorize
Slippers!- Primark

My Make-up  Nice and Simple :)
Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation
17 Hide&Chic concealer- Rose nude
17 Pressed Powder Nicely Natural
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush- Peach
Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder- Luminous (to highlight)
17 Powder Brush
Elf Professional Fan Brush (to highlight)

 Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Lenghting Mascara
17 Eyes- In the nude
Nivea Pearly Shine
Hope you guys liked this post!
Love Gabby xx