Thursday, 16 February 2012

Clean&Clear Spot Treatment Review

Heey Everyone!!

A bit of a miserable post today because I am not happy. If something really didnt work for me then I wouldn't mention it because it couuld of just been my personal expierience especiously when it comes to skincare but I had to make an exception for this product because I dont think anyone should waste their money on this product, it's the Clean&Clear Spot Treatment.

Now this is supposed to "reduce spots in 4 hours" but I seriously find that that it increases their appearence because my spot will tend to go bright red after using this product which is obviously not what you want and it also stated that you can put it on top of make-up but that left me with make-up patches which isn't a good look.

I am so glad that the packaging said nothing about it being nice smelling because this is a full on alcohol smell no special scents behind thi in your face ALCOHOL smell, then to make matters worse for myself I get spots in the outside of my nostrils if you can understand where that is then you can imagine that that isn't pleasent.

So thats about it i feel like I have to apologise for the non-happy review but I felt I had to explain why you shouldn't buy this, it's crap.

Love Jade!<3xx


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I work in a pharmacy and oe of the pharmacists told me not to buy Clean & Clear products because they contain alchol which in the long run can be bad for your skin because they are very harsh!

    Hannah xx

    1. Omg that is so interesting because like I said it smells of alcohol, i know it sounds strange but go and smell it!x