Thursday, 16 February 2012

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Wash Review

Hey Everyone!
Time for a review!

Firstly this product costs £5.35 normally (correct me if I'm wrong :)) but I managed to get it in clearance for only £1.00 at Superdrug!
So as you can see it is a pump bottle which I really like, one pump is a bit too much for me though. I have used this only a few times and haven't noticed anything special to my skin in the morning, but I do feel it brightens it up a bit, and I wake up with my skin  feeling fresher than if I hadn't used it.

The consistency is quite runny, as you can see and it doesn't actually have a very pleasant smell to it, I have never tried any Clearasil products before so I'm not sure if that is just the brand smell.
I wouldn't have bought this product full price however I am glad I got it in clearance, because it is defiantly worth £1.00!
Thanks for reading, if you've tried this tell me what you think of it below or if you have any great face cleanser recommendation, please tell me below!

Love Gabby! xx

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