Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Many Uses of Cotton Swabs

Hey Everyone!
Nearly everyone has cotton buds, and they are great because they can be used for so much! Here are some things you may not have thought of: :)

1. Eyeliner: The tip of a cotton swab is a handy way to smudge your eyeliner for a smokey look.  Or, with a little makeup remover, you can swiftly remove it from the lid completely.

2. Eye shadow: For precise application, try swiping on your shadow with a cotton swab.  Blending is easier too!

3. Mascara: Cotton swabs are perfect for picking up mascara flakes or removing dabs or clumps from where they shouldn’t be.  Clean up your look with a handy cotton swab.

4. Lip care: Sticking your finger in and out of the Vaseline jar to moisturize your lips can spread germs. The same goes for a lip gloss or Chapstick application directly on your mouth.  Keep your lip products clean by using a Cotton swab to spread the product on your lips.

5. Concealer: Using your finger to apply concealer can be tricky, since your fingertip will absorb some of the product and leave that blemish exposed. Instead, use a cotton swab to get a cleaner, more precise cover up.  It’s also a handy way to apply under-eye cover up.
6. Nail care: You know that stubborn nail polish that gets stuck in the creases of your nail beds?  Dip a cotton swab in some nail polish remover and just wipe it right off.  This is a handy trick for stubborn toe nail polish too, consequently.

7. Tame eyebrows: Need to get your eyebrow hairs all on the same page? Dip a cotton swab in Vaseline and drag it across (not too much!) and that should tame those unruly eyebrows.

8. Zap zits: Apply your acne medication or blemish treatments with a cotton swab. This gives you control over where the product goes, so you can avoid drying out the skin around the spot.
Hope you guys find these tips useful! Look forward to more posts soon!
Love Gabby :)

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  1. I always use them when I do my nails. nothing better to remove the excess of nail polish from your cuticles :)