Sunday, 19 February 2012


Heey Everyone!!

Well these are the sparkly nails I decided to wear today before going back to school wear beauty gets pushed back to a minimal:( Ahh well I still ave the weekends. So this is a really quick post purely because I have a lot of revising to do for a maths exam I'm doing tomorrow, wish me luck!:)x I'm only joking I'm sure I'll be fine...:)x

As you can see I'm just using BarryM's Cobalt Blue and Blue Glitter, very simple but I nice one to do, please excuse the not very well done nails  too, oh dear!

Posted By Yours Truly, Jade!xx


  1. i love your nails! i have a maths exam on tuesday;/ good luck with yours!xx

  2. gorgeous color!!! love the glitter on the tip too!!!

  3. That looks gorgeous together! I love how you put the line at the top, I've been seeing that a lot lately, super pretty. And those colors are lovely on their own anyways.

  4. super pretty. great color <3

  5. ohhhh so pretty .... ur blogs amazing ... deffo followed bak xx