Saturday, 25 February 2012

Soap&Glory:Clean On Me Review

Heey Everyone!!
These past two months I have been trying this combination of Soap&Glory's Collection. I've been using Clean On Me (Shower Gel) and Face Soap (Face Wash) and I have been loving the results, so I figured I'd do a review for you guys:)

Clean On Me:Shower Gel/Cream

Firstly I do love the packaging, Soap &Glory the brand always takes you back to an 80's feel and the colours they choose (pink and cream) is subtle but effective and recognisable. Now I've been using this product religiously throughout the January and February times because it's fantastic!

I do not use a huge amount of this product for my body because it lathers up so nicely on the loafer I use. It smells fantastic just a simple clean scent with extracts of mandarin is used to describe the smell I don't really know much about describing scents whatever it is, it works!

I love the deign of the bottle, the pump gives you the perfect amount of product you need and the big bottle makes your shower look full also because you get 500ml if soap it justifies me spending the high price.

I know this is gross to talk about but the point of any shower gel is to keep yourself clean. Clean On me and my deodorant combo keeps me smelling fresh and clean all day even after a workout I smell better than what I would without using this.

Doing a review of the second product of the month Face Soap soon!

I really do recommend this brand I need to try out some of their make-up now!

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  1. Love anything Soap & Glory! Think I'll give this a try!!