Monday, 26 March 2012

Product Rave - Revlon lipsticks

Heey Everyone!
Looking for a moisturising, pigmented drugstore lipstick? 
Well I have found one! 
Sometimes I think the Revlon lipsticks can be forgotten because of how good the revlon lip butters are (although they still don't seem to be out in the UK yet about from Boots on-line -.-) They really are great though, I have only two but am planning on buying more! Especially as Boots has a two for £10 on their lip products at the moment! (They are originally £7.99)
The formula is very creamy, not that moisturising but they do stay on for quite a while which of course is an important property they have to have. the colour range could be bigger but I still found I wanted most of them! I love the way they say Revlon on the lipstick, just a nice touch.

The packaging is soo great considering they are drugstore they look like they could be much more expensive, the quilted effect makes them look a lot more expensive.

They also have the colour on the top of the lid, which of course is soo useful if you keep your lipsticks were you can only see the top!

The two colours I have are Baby Pink (020) and Blush (035)
My personal favourite of the two is Blush, because I actually don't wear the baby pink as much, which do you think you would wear more?

Just a little swatch there :) 
Obviously Baby Pink is on the left and Blush is on the right, I am raelly happy with the pigmentation of these and I don't think this picture actually does them justice. As you can see they aren't matte either.
So next time you are going to pick up a new lipstick I would defiantly recommend these. 
If anyone has tried these please tell me what you think so people can have more of a review!:) I would love to know what your favourite colours are too! :)
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love Gabby! :)xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Love or Hate- Tie Dye Leggings?

Heyy Everyone!
How are you all?
Today's post is on Tie Dye, this is a new style come in, so you might be able to borrow some of your mums clothes from the 80s and look great! ;)
Recently I have purchased two pairs of dye leggings, these might be a bit daring for some people, but you either love or hate them, I love them but I really want to know what you guys think!
This first pair is from New Look, they cost £12.99 and are okay quality, they are a bit thin but very soft. I think these leggings are more wearable than the other pair because they are more basic colours. I want to see a outfit of the day of me styling these click here ;)

The patten is very traditional tie dye.

These it is again :)

This is the second pair, which are from the ARK and were also £12.99 although I think the quality is much better. The patten is daring and I think you have to be quite confident to wear these. If you want to do the tie dye style I recommend just buying a scarf or maybe something more discreet but equally gorgeous!   

This pattern really reminds me of clouds..
btw if you guys want an OOTD of me styling these please just comment and ask!:)

Even celebs are loving the style!
But I know it's really not for everyone, so I wana know if you guys love or hate tie dye leggings? 
Posted by Gabriella<3

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Showing Our Creative Side!

Heey Everyonee!

A more personal post today, me and Gabby went creative crazy, You see it's our friend's birthday tomorrow so we wrapped up all the presents and I just wanted to share the fun with you guys too!

The beginning of something great.....

Just a few bits and bobs

Ooooohhh soo many!

You see the glitter<3

N'aaaaw I love the finished product! So creative we are;)

Love Jade!! In such a good mood now:')X

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cut Up A T-Shirt: Cropped Top

Heey Everyone!!

Recently I bought a simple t-shirt from Primark. But this one had a twist! It was in the boys section for only £1.50 can you believe it? It would probably fit a size 10 perfectly if you wanted to try this out too I'm a size 6 in t-shirts but I like it baggy, buy an age 11-12 boys.< Hope that helps. They had some cool designs something for everyone.

I originally wanted to cut the arms off, a bit off the bottom and a bit off the neckline to make a jersey top rather than cropped but I thought the design suited a cropped top more but hopefully I'll find another design for my jersey top.

The top that I bought for £1.50 not looking all that great and I rolled up the sleeves up. I'll sew them sometime just not today, maybe I'll do a tutorial on that too!

Firstly cut a straight line up to the point you want it to end.

And then simply enough, you've guessed it, just cut round in a straight line

The finished product!

How cute is that now ehh!

I did purposely cut it a little bit jagged and wavy for a home made effect actually then I wouldn't of had to sew it up!

Cyaa later, Jade!X

Favourite Foundation Review!Maybelline:Dream Matte Mousse!

Heey Everyone!!

Well here it finally is, I have been dying to do this review because I love this foundation so much and it's definitely not high end and not the most expensive on the block.

I wear ivory 010 which is just perfect for my skin tone because I am very pale. And by the way I have finished a whole pot of this stuff luckily I have a back-up.

A quick view on my old foundation routine, it's only changed a little bit.

I think the packaging is far too big for the amount of product you get, but I'm not too fussed about that.

The actual formulation of this is like a mousse which makes it easy to blend and frankly look cool and I love them two concepts put together. Another good point is you honestly don't need a lot, I will usually cover my whole face which means I'll gently tap my finger in the pot several times and dot it on my face in different areas which need it, mainly down my t-zone and any access I'll put across my cheeks where I suffer from hyper pigmentation.

I do suffer from hyper pigmentation on my cheeks an chin but an even bigger problem I have is acne and this is such a solver for that because this is a great coverage foundation I have ever tried and I have had fro Natural Collection to Dior and this is by far the best and only retailing at around £9 so it isn't ridiculously expensive either.

Next up foundation I really want to try out is the True Match Liquid Foundation from L'Oreal which isn't too much difference in price and I have heard some great things about it too.

If you have any suggestions of foundation for my skin then please leave comments below I'd love to hear them:)

By Jade, hope you have a nice Mother's Day!xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gabby's Current Favs!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! Sorry we having done a post in while but we are ready to make it up to you all!<3
So I wanted to do a February favourites but left it to late so in the end I just decided it would be fun to do this!:)

First thing is Soap&Gory's Flirtigo, which is a spray on moisturiser, it's got quite a weird texture for a moisturiser but is just great for after a of the shower and has that amazing soap&glory signature scent!

This is the Neal's Yard Daily Moisturiser, for your face, this stuff it truly awesome! It smells perfect, it has a rose scent and it is a very light moisturiser, it smooths the skin and is ideal.

I've been swapping this scarf for my big wooly winter ones, its from H&M and is soo pretty, I love detail around the edge and this scarf is going to be perfect for spring.

This wallet is a recent purchase and is still in Newlook now! I love the art deco design and everytime, its got a spacious inside and it is soft to the touch, it is a definite favourite!

This scent is so fresh, I love it for spring and all year round for that matter, it is very citrusy but is a bargain as well, it's only £1.99 from Boots! I love to just spritz this every morning, it doesn't stay on for that long but I am just obsessed with the scent. For a full review of all the Natural Collection Bodysprays-

I know this a basic, but I use this everyday after a shower and is now an essential for me!! Johnsons is just the best, and it's for babies so the formulation is always sensitive!:)

This is in my everyday make-up and it really deserves it's place, this colour is Wild Bronze and I couldn't have wished for a better colour or formula.

Finally my Boots which I bought in Birmingham, for only £5! (in the sale obviously) ;) I have been wearing these non stop basically, because they seem to go with everything! 

Thanks for reading, if you have any post requests please post below! 
Love Gabby xxx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

OOTD 9.03.2012

Heey Everyone!!
Went out for an informal meal out, and this is what I wore :)!

Full length view, lets get into it a bit more shall we ;)
and btw..
Grey Striped Tights- Primark

Over-sized owl jumper (Cream)- Primark 

Raspberry Shorts- Internacionale 

Military Boots-Jonathan James

Pearl Double Ringed Ring- Muse
Side satchel bag- Primark

You can find all these things in previous hauls, recent ones I think for the majority if you want more details on them.

Jade!! xx 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Soap&Glory:Face Soap - Review

Heey Everyone!!

Wow I really haven't done a beauty post for ages!Awww I missed you guys!Well to come back I'm doing a review, it's Soap&Glory's Face Soap And Clarity (Face Wash):

Face Soap and Clarity:

Right firstly I have to say this is an absolute favourite for me since I got it which was Christmas and please read on so I can tell you why. It is my go to face wash, I use it everyday in the shower along with my Clean&Clear Face Exfoliater sometimes and my Soap&Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel always. you can see a review on that if you click here.

This soap ( without the exfoliater ) is so cleansing I feel like I have new skin when I'm out the shower and generally touching my face.....hehe. x

All good so far BUT there is just one complaint, I literally hate the smell of this it's not fruity or minty, it's somewhere in between and seems to harsh a cleaning smell to put on your face, mid you it doesn't last and if I just use a pea size it's bearable for sure!

You guys should get to the shops and have a smell then see if you like it I know they're around £5 per tube so bargain, hehe xx

Posted by Jade xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My everyday make-up routine!

Heey Everyone! 
Hope you are having a great week!<3
Time for my everyday make-up routine, I can't believe I have never shown you this before but if you want to check out Jade's it's right here ;):

So here's just a full view of everything!

Before I have put any of this on I will use Clean&Clear Morning Energy skin brightening daily facial moisturiser, which is amazing, if you want a full review I would love to do one!
Foundation- Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse 
Concealer- 17 Hide and Chic Eye Brightening Concealer
Powder- Maybelline Dream Matte

Other face products ;)

Bronzer (used to contour)-Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

I will switch my blush out usually but these are the most used!
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Summer Fever 
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush- Peach

Highlight- Mini high beam from benifit

A great simple look for eyes!

Base/ Cream shadow-17 wild metallics eyes- Wild bronze
Eye-shadow- 17 trio- In the nude

Eyeline- NYC dueo- Through the storm

Mascara- Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara (me and Jade both LOVE this)-Brown, for a more natural look.

Lips!- Revlon Lipstick- Baby Pink
BarryM lipgloss- Soo sorry I'm think this is limited edition! 

Feel free to ask if you want any reviews of these products! :)
Thanks so much for readin! 
Lots of love Gabby xxx