Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cut Up A T-Shirt: Cropped Top

Heey Everyone!!

Recently I bought a simple t-shirt from Primark. But this one had a twist! It was in the boys section for only £1.50 can you believe it? It would probably fit a size 10 perfectly if you wanted to try this out too I'm a size 6 in t-shirts but I like it baggy, buy an age 11-12 boys.< Hope that helps. They had some cool designs something for everyone.

I originally wanted to cut the arms off, a bit off the bottom and a bit off the neckline to make a jersey top rather than cropped but I thought the design suited a cropped top more but hopefully I'll find another design for my jersey top.

The top that I bought for £1.50 not looking all that great and I rolled up the sleeves up. I'll sew them sometime just not today, maybe I'll do a tutorial on that too!

Firstly cut a straight line up to the point you want it to end.

And then simply enough, you've guessed it, just cut round in a straight line

The finished product!

How cute is that now ehh!

I did purposely cut it a little bit jagged and wavy for a home made effect actually then I wouldn't of had to sew it up!

Cyaa later, Jade!X


  1. I've been really in the mood lately forcutting up my old clothes and revamping them etc. so I am definitely going to get down to primark and pick up a few things that I can make my own :)
    Great post <3
    Zoe xoxo

  2. Cute, gotta give that a try :)