Sunday, 18 March 2012

Favourite Foundation Review!Maybelline:Dream Matte Mousse!

Heey Everyone!!

Well here it finally is, I have been dying to do this review because I love this foundation so much and it's definitely not high end and not the most expensive on the block.

I wear ivory 010 which is just perfect for my skin tone because I am very pale. And by the way I have finished a whole pot of this stuff luckily I have a back-up.

A quick view on my old foundation routine, it's only changed a little bit.

I think the packaging is far too big for the amount of product you get, but I'm not too fussed about that.

The actual formulation of this is like a mousse which makes it easy to blend and frankly look cool and I love them two concepts put together. Another good point is you honestly don't need a lot, I will usually cover my whole face which means I'll gently tap my finger in the pot several times and dot it on my face in different areas which need it, mainly down my t-zone and any access I'll put across my cheeks where I suffer from hyper pigmentation.

I do suffer from hyper pigmentation on my cheeks an chin but an even bigger problem I have is acne and this is such a solver for that because this is a great coverage foundation I have ever tried and I have had fro Natural Collection to Dior and this is by far the best and only retailing at around £9 so it isn't ridiculously expensive either.

Next up foundation I really want to try out is the True Match Liquid Foundation from L'Oreal which isn't too much difference in price and I have heard some great things about it too.

If you have any suggestions of foundation for my skin then please leave comments below I'd love to hear them:)

By Jade, hope you have a nice Mother's Day!xx

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  1. This foundation doesn't work for my skin because my skin is so dry so I use this as a concealer! :)