Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gabby's Current Favs!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! Sorry we having done a post in while but we are ready to make it up to you all!<3
So I wanted to do a February favourites but left it to late so in the end I just decided it would be fun to do this!:)

First thing is Soap&Gory's Flirtigo, which is a spray on moisturiser, it's got quite a weird texture for a moisturiser but is just great for after a of the shower and has that amazing soap&glory signature scent!

This is the Neal's Yard Daily Moisturiser, for your face, this stuff it truly awesome! It smells perfect, it has a rose scent and it is a very light moisturiser, it smooths the skin and is ideal.

I've been swapping this scarf for my big wooly winter ones, its from H&M and is soo pretty, I love detail around the edge and this scarf is going to be perfect for spring.

This wallet is a recent purchase and is still in Newlook now! I love the art deco design and everytime, its got a spacious inside and it is soft to the touch, it is a definite favourite!

This scent is so fresh, I love it for spring and all year round for that matter, it is very citrusy but is a bargain as well, it's only £1.99 from Boots! I love to just spritz this every morning, it doesn't stay on for that long but I am just obsessed with the scent. For a full review of all the Natural Collection Bodysprays-

I know this a basic, but I use this everyday after a shower and is now an essential for me!! Johnsons is just the best, and it's for babies so the formulation is always sensitive!:)

This is in my everyday make-up and it really deserves it's place, this colour is Wild Bronze and I couldn't have wished for a better colour or formula.

Finally my Boots which I bought in Birmingham, for only £5! (in the sale obviously) ;) I have been wearing these non stop basically, because they seem to go with everything! 

Thanks for reading, if you have any post requests please post below! 
Love Gabby xxx

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