Monday, 26 March 2012

Product Rave - Revlon lipsticks

Heey Everyone!
Looking for a moisturising, pigmented drugstore lipstick? 
Well I have found one! 
Sometimes I think the Revlon lipsticks can be forgotten because of how good the revlon lip butters are (although they still don't seem to be out in the UK yet about from Boots on-line -.-) They really are great though, I have only two but am planning on buying more! Especially as Boots has a two for £10 on their lip products at the moment! (They are originally £7.99)
The formula is very creamy, not that moisturising but they do stay on for quite a while which of course is an important property they have to have. the colour range could be bigger but I still found I wanted most of them! I love the way they say Revlon on the lipstick, just a nice touch.

The packaging is soo great considering they are drugstore they look like they could be much more expensive, the quilted effect makes them look a lot more expensive.

They also have the colour on the top of the lid, which of course is soo useful if you keep your lipsticks were you can only see the top!

The two colours I have are Baby Pink (020) and Blush (035)
My personal favourite of the two is Blush, because I actually don't wear the baby pink as much, which do you think you would wear more?

Just a little swatch there :) 
Obviously Baby Pink is on the left and Blush is on the right, I am raelly happy with the pigmentation of these and I don't think this picture actually does them justice. As you can see they aren't matte either.
So next time you are going to pick up a new lipstick I would defiantly recommend these. 
If anyone has tried these please tell me what you think so people can have more of a review!:) I would love to know what your favourite colours are too! :)
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love Gabby! :)xx


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