Saturday, 24 March 2012

Love or Hate- Tie Dye Leggings?

Heyy Everyone!
How are you all?
Today's post is on Tie Dye, this is a new style come in, so you might be able to borrow some of your mums clothes from the 80s and look great! ;)
Recently I have purchased two pairs of dye leggings, these might be a bit daring for some people, but you either love or hate them, I love them but I really want to know what you guys think!
This first pair is from New Look, they cost £12.99 and are okay quality, they are a bit thin but very soft. I think these leggings are more wearable than the other pair because they are more basic colours. I want to see a outfit of the day of me styling these click here ;)

The patten is very traditional tie dye.

These it is again :)

This is the second pair, which are from the ARK and were also £12.99 although I think the quality is much better. The patten is daring and I think you have to be quite confident to wear these. If you want to do the tie dye style I recommend just buying a scarf or maybe something more discreet but equally gorgeous!   

This pattern really reminds me of clouds..
btw if you guys want an OOTD of me styling these please just comment and ask!:)

Even celebs are loving the style!
But I know it's really not for everyone, so I wana know if you guys love or hate tie dye leggings? 
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  1. I loveeee the second pair!!! Would definitely want to see an OOTD with them cause I'm not sure what you would wear with them but I love them haha!


  2. I think its cute! As long as you know how to wear them! they can spice up a casual look! Great post!

  3. I love them both. I would love to see an outfit with the second pair. I'm now a follower. can you come and follow me back?