Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Soap&Glory:Face Soap - Review

Heey Everyone!!

Wow I really haven't done a beauty post for ages!Awww I missed you guys!Well to come back I'm doing a review, it's Soap&Glory's Face Soap And Clarity (Face Wash):

Face Soap and Clarity:

Right firstly I have to say this is an absolute favourite for me since I got it which was Christmas and please read on so I can tell you why. It is my go to face wash, I use it everyday in the shower along with my Clean&Clear Face Exfoliater sometimes and my Soap&Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel always. you can see a review on that if you click here.

This soap ( without the exfoliater ) is so cleansing I feel like I have new skin when I'm out the shower and generally touching my face.....hehe. x

All good so far BUT there is just one complaint, I literally hate the smell of this it's not fruity or minty, it's somewhere in between and seems to harsh a cleaning smell to put on your face, mid you it doesn't last and if I just use a pea size it's bearable for sure!

You guys should get to the shops and have a smell then see if you like it I know they're around £5 per tube so bargain, hehe xx

Posted by Jade xx


  1. ooooh i really wanna try this! always on the lookout for a new cleanser to try :D

    maddie xx

  2. Ohh its fantastic! You have to try it out :)!xx