Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Love or Hate- Orange Nailpolish?

Hiyaa Everybody!
How are you today?
Time for another love or hate post! Today I decided to apply my orange nail polish, as I was walking downstairs my mum commented on how she wasn't keen on orange nail polish but then my sister complimented me on it :S So I figured it was perfect for Love or Hate?:)!
This is the colour I had on,  Hip Hop buy Collection 2000 Hot Looks, I love these nail polishes, because they are so cheap (£1.79), pretty opaque for the price and super shiny! The only problem I have found with them is they chip easy:/
Well what do you guys think? These celebs are wearing it! It is a pretty stand out colour but it is definitely in this Spring! If you want to see other nail polishes which are great for this spring click here to see Jades post on it :)
Comment below on whether you love or hate orange nails ;)!
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Posted by Gabby<3


  1. Love orange :)


  2. It's perfect for summer and spring. Super fun. :D