Sunday, 8 April 2012

Maybelline Great Lash Review

Heey Everyone!!

I have to tell you guys about this mascara The Maybelline Great Lash in Black. I got it for Christmas this year and have only just started to really use it purely because I had another one to finish up. I highly reccomend this product I love it and I don't know how I can happily change it.

Excuse my poorly presented nails. this mascara is around the £5 mark, so on the cheaper end of mascaras so my views on it were skeptical. the packaging by the way is so cool it really brightens up my mascara and eyeliner pot;)

it lengthens and thickens beautifully using only one coat, it's quite wet but I like that because I know I've got it all on there. It does leave a few clumps but I don't mind that too much to be honest.

Maybelline are now my always got to brand for mascaras they always deliver, I hope to try another of their mascara.

I don't know much about how brushes make a difference yet but it's furry if thats the right and smaller than any of my other mascara's brushes. Hope that is detailed enough not much else to say.


  1. great review! I seriously want to try a Maybelline mascara, but I just can't justify the overpriced prices of mascaras. =/

  2. This is my favorite mascara! Nice review!:)xx