Friday, 6 April 2012

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

Heey Everyone!

Haven't been on this in ages it's because blogger wasn't working on internet explorer so I had to download Google Chrome to fix it basically but I'm back!

Here is my top 5 nail polishes to wear for spring!:

No7 - Milan - £7
e.l.f - Mint Cream - £1.50/$1.00
Natural Collection - Pink Shimmer - £1.99
17 - Parma Violet - £2.99
17 - Orange Soda - £2.99

Milan: I love this shimmer pink shade on the toes all year round but in summer when you want to look bright and beautiful this colour for the win! An absolute favourite

Mint Cream: The formulation of these polishes I think isn't great but not appalling so I found this was a colour you can wear once if you don't want chipping. The bright bluey green is so in right now!

Pink Shimmer: Is one of my newer polishes to my collection and I am not at all disappointed, for the price the formulation is really good and lasts for about 3 days and as you can see I've already used quite a bit.

Parma Violet: This polish has been a long term favourite I believe I've had this polish since last summer when pastels were really in I think bright colours are making more of an appearance this summer though but I'll still be rocking this polish

Orange Soda: I find this polish a little bit more difficult to wear purely because I'm not really one who wears a lot of orange but I'm hitting it right on trend with bright colours, which I seem to be mentioning a lot. Certainly a statement polish.

Posted by Jade! Hopefully I've influenced you to go out and buy your brights!