Sunday, 20 May 2012

What Do You Think?Peplum Skirts.

Heey Everyone!!

I haven't done this for so long! I missed it so much and I have finally stopped my revising today so I thought, "heey, why don't I do a beauty post now";) just a quick update but this week I'm revising for my GCSE History  Mock, Science Mock and English Exam. - so a lot of work.

So I've heard that peplum skirts are coming in and I don't know how I feel about them yet. By the way I got inspired to do this post by DollyBowBow's Collective Haul.

I've decided that I'm not a big fan of patterned peplum skirts but I love the bright block colour ones, I can see them being a great must-have in spring/summer!

Emma Stone is rocking the colour blocking peplum skirts!

Olivia Wilde is going for the more classy look, which I'm not as keen on but it's still so glamourous

So What Do You Think?

Love Jade!X

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  1. I tagged you! Please come to my beauty blog and check it out!

  2. Wooow you look amazing <3

    Wanna follow each other? Regards!

  3. I'm tempted but worried they will make my hips look mahoosive, I should try one on though as always walk past those sorts of clothes thinking they won't suit me :-( Great blog x