Thursday, 5 July 2012

Birthday Haul!!

Heeyy guys! Sorry it has been so long since I have done a post but it was my birthday two days ago, and I thought I would love to do a birthday haul, this isn't bragging I just wanted to show those of you who want to see:)!
It was also really fun just taking pictures of everything, I hope you guys like everything, comment below telling me your favourite thing, it would mean the world!:)
This is a full picture:)! Can't really see anything but hey that's why there is more pictures below:)

So I think it must have been 3 for 2 on maybelline in Boots because I got:
A maybelline lipstick in Midnight Plum, this is actually coming off darker in the picture for some reason.
The maybelline BB cream, which I was desperate to try, I will have a full review on this soon btw!
Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara, which I love, review on this too;)

A face mask from my sister, looking forward to using this as I have tried one of the Montague Jeunesse masks before and really liked it, it was the Mud Pack one, for a review on that click here

I got a black eyeliner from the body shop, this is good quality, not the best I have found but I like it a lot:)

This necklace is from Dorathy Perkins, and my mum said she got it in the sale, so it might still be there, but she only left on the original price which was £8.50 :) I LOVE THIS! I think it is perfect for summer, and I love the different textures on each triangle, and the pearls in between.

Two pairs of Simply Silver earrings, which you get in Debenhams, I particularly  like the front pair and the little bows on top :)! They were £10 each.

This is a charm from LINKS of London, it is orginally for a bracelet I believe but my grandparents bought it because I love giraffes and bought me a chain as well (which I did not include), so it hangs nicely on there. 

That's just an up close. He's so cute!

Just a random thing I thought I would add, is a pencil case from Paperchase...

Okay, I tried really hard to make this dress look nice on camera but it just wasn't happening, so this dress I love, it is made of a light chiffon fabric, and is super floaty. It is from Bershka and I assure you looks nicer in person:P

This cute crop top is from Republic and I believe was in the sale for £10 reduced from £18, my mum doesn't mind telling me if she bought something in the sale, I am just happy she got a bargain!;)

This top is from Primark I believe and was bought for me from my sister and I love it, I love the off-white creamy colour and the fact it has a high-low hemline.

This jumper is from Topshop, and I think it is great for British weather in that it is summery but is fairly warm as well, I love summer knits!

This summer jacket is from Monsoon, and I love how light it is and it goes with pretty much all my tops, I think it's really hard to find summer jackets and I'm so glad my mum found this one.

These cutie shorts are from Bershka, and I just love them, not much more to say tbh

I thought I would just add this in as it is from Evolution and is for hanging in your window and I think it looks pretty nice!!:)

Finally I thought I would show you my birthday cake!:D, which btw was home made by my sister, THANKYOU, it was yummy;)

Well thanks for reading everyone! and Thankyou to my family and friends for making my birthday special!<3
Lots of Love Gabby!xx

P.S I also got a chocolate orange, but that was already eaten to include in this post ;)

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  1. Lovely post, hope you had a nice birthday :) I am desperate to try out the BB cream, may have to pick it up. I also love the Topshop jumper, it's gorgeous!
    Bex x